Dalmia Group's Largest Sugar Plant

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Commissioned in January 2007.

The high-tech and efficient plant works.

Contains cogeneration capacity of 27MW

The control loop is connected with centralized DCS

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The Nigohi Sugar Unit was commissioned in January 2007. Built with a cane crushing capacity of 7500 TCD and cogeneration capacity of 27MW. This high-tech and energy-efficient plant works with minimum manpower by implementing complete automation and energy-efficient equipment. 


This modernized state of the art facilities is built at a strategic location near the sugar markets resulting in an extremely convenient and connected location.


The plant is following world level proven industrial tools like 5S, TPM, OSHAS and the Heath and Food safety norms system. 


Alongside this, technologies such as a boiling house rising film evaporator, energy-saving devices, vacuum pan boiling, planetary drive and an automatic centrifugal machine are also installed on-site for sugar manufacturing and all the control loop is connected with a Centralized DCS. 


The unit operates a sulphur less refinery, thereby producing refined sugar of the highest quality which is exported globally.

7500 TCD Cane capacity.

Owns a 5S Collaboration Award

Centralized Distributed control system

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